3 Three III
A Solo Show by Kelley Tomlinson
May 13 - June 20
3 Three III is Kelley's first color exhibition. As we transition into a new normal, while the gallery remains physically closed, it is important now as ever to attempt to stay connected and enriched as much as possible. That is why Athens Arts and Kelley have decided to go forth with this show
Kelley will have his show via Facebook live this Thursday, May 14, 2020.
See the recording here
"Three" has been ingrained in our hearts and minds from day one, from the nursery rhymes we learned, 3 Little Pigs and 3 Blind Mice to the threes used every day in general conversation, "blood, sweat, and tears", I came, I saw, I conquered". We train our brains to think that things in three feel good and comfortable.
Kelley's work takes the idea of content overload and corrals them into a single piece, some fun, some dark, some unique and different; but they all are there for us to consume. He hopes they will allow you to step away and enjoy each content in different ways. 
During the exhibition, Kelley will be available through any social media to chat or just say hello. We will have a FACEBOOk LIVE introduction May 14 - stay tuned! We will do our best to stay connected!
"During the pandemic, I am aware a lot of people and organizations are asking for help and support, but I would like to say I am here to help you. As an artist I can really only provide you with an escape from the situation and support any way I can. I am only a call, message or email away. Thank you and enjoy."
Kelly Tomlinson Art
Web: tomlinsonart.com
Born in Dayton, Ohio on April 17th in the year of 1982. From an early age, I was imagining and creating anything I could. I consumed all I could that had a hint of art in it and continue that habit today. After graduating from an Art Magnet High School, I have explored any form of self teaching and growth I can, and I am always looking to continue that growth. 
At this point in my life and art career, I have had 18 works accepted into 12 exhibitions. I continue to create, show, and sell my work whenever I am able. I love to share my thoughts and skills with anyone willing to take them.
The goals I am working towards are to get my art to as many places and people I can by the use of exhibitions, markets, and social media. 
Expressing my achievements might be the most complicated thing I could attempt to say. I hold myself at Cush a high standard and my expectations for myself are at such heights that no matter what I achieve, it will still not be good enough, and I will continually strive for more. 

Schedule-2020--Featured Artists

(Opening receptions from 6-8,unless otherwise notes)

May 13 - June 20, Kelley Tomlinson

June 24 - Aug. 8 -  Bryce Culverhouse

Aug. 12 - Sept. 25 - John Puffer

Oct. 14 - Nov. 20 - Debbie Matthew

Nov. 23 - Jan. 2, 2021 - Member Artists/Guests

Please check back for detailed updates. 

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