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Athens Arts is pleased to host untitled 3  a national juried exhibition

Opening reception is September 16, 2023 
   The exhibition runs through November 11,2023
Winners of the exhibition are as follows: 
Best of Show
“Buster and Joey Seek Advice from Religious-Looking Lady”
Darryl Halbrooks (Richmond, KY)
Sponsored by Athens Arts Gallery
“Innovative fused layers of materials. The topic is so unusual: a representation of the religious world, animal world and mechanical world, which leaves room for debate & interpretation.  What may the nun and the cats be cooking up?” 

Award of Excellence
“Melting Pot”
Gary Edwards (Crawfordsville, IN)
Sponsored by Athens Board of Directors and Athens Member Artists
“The title’s symbolism perfectly matches the intricacy of the execution. Delivering this idea in a 3D abstract art piece is phenomenal.” *
Award of Distinction
Dave Hanson (Price, UT)
Sponsored by Marc and Helen Hudson
“Blurriness here is on a mission. While the adjacent pieces depict the struggle, “Gabrielle” portrays a paradoxical strength in her achieved serenity. A new take on age-old themes of the human existence.” *
Award of Distinction
Pamela Hignite (Liberty, IN)
Sponsored by Art League of Montgomery County, Dept J and Dept M
“Look out for the soul! The intricacies and finesse of this piece are simply stunning and deserve meticulous exploration. One could write essays about this piece.” *
Award of Recognition
“Forget-Me-Nots and Lilies”
Grace Benedict (Lafayette, IN)
Sponsored by Karen Fruits
“Lines lost and found. This meticulous colored pencil drawing fuses the natural world and the world of art representative of the arts & crafts tradition. The juxtaposition of flora popping with color against the softness of the human forms drawn from life are mesmerizing.” *
Award of Recognition
Kyle Surges (Homer Glen, IL)
Sponsored by Joshua and Chris Levesque in honor of their new nephew
“Do you think you missed out? This oil painting, which would easily pass for a photograph, depicts the gradual loss of a typical piece of Americana. The coffee cup is gone, leaving us with an empty creamer and a torn sugar packet. These items are nothing special individually, but hold memories of what was…and still could be?” *
Award of Merit
Alicia Dawn Criswell (Lafayette, IN)
Sponsored by Art League of Montgomery County, Dept J
“What is locked behind this door? Be careful if you attempt to open it, you may find something not of your liking, even though the artistic rendering is made up of a pretty façade.” *
Award of Merit
“Interesting Character”
Christel Gutelius (Mecca, IN)
Sponsored by Art League of Montgomery County, Dept M
“When are you going on your next road trip? The artist of this multimedia artwork brings us along into a bar, to wonder about these three colorful characters. This update on Edward Hopper is unusual and stunning and deserves more than just a glance.” *
Award of Merit
”Crystalline Wind”
Todd Stokes (Dennison, IL)
Sponsored by Chuck and Alice Harpel
“With glass trees growing out of the sandblasted soil, the title of this piece captures the spirit of this work perfectly. The energy of the wind is portrayed well by the use of undulating glass. With the leaves softly blowing, can’t you picture yourself in this enthralling, colorless, exquisite landscape?” *
Mayor’s Award
William Kolok (Owensboro, KY)
Sponsored by the City of Crawfordsville
“Captivating in its’ simple elegance. This piece combines different materials in a very balanced way and leaves one feeling grounded in its’ neutrality.” *
County Commissioners’ Award
“Evening Echo”
Terry Lacy (Monticello, IN)
Sponsored by the County Commissioners
“Nice combination of colors. Nice agricultural image portrayed by use of cotton fibers.” **
Freight Station Award
“Melting Pot”
Gary Edwards (Crawfordsville, IN)
Sponsored by Sandy and Bill Henderson, The Freight Station Shipping Center
“My cousin is a fiber artist, and this reminds me of her work. She creates very fluid pieces. Her work reflects movement and transitions… Impressed that it was done in wood.”
Memorial Award
“Chan Chan #5
Kurt Dyrhaug (Beaumont, TX)
Sponsored by Paul Levesque in memory of his parents
“Intriguing in its’ composition, stunning in terms of both its’ rendition and its’ use of unusual materials. It has an intriguing simplicity of design with a complexity of texture. It invites us to meet on the square.” *
Memorial Award
Michael Potts (Phoenix, AR)
Sponsored by LeAnn Curran, in memory of Catherine Marie Lucas-Mefford
“In memory of a dear friend who lost her battle with breast cancer at 36. I see her “freefalling” into her rebirth. So like her…” **
Memorial Award
“Cedar Waxwings”
Daniel Driggs (Frankfort, IN)
Sponsored by Charlie and Leslie Warren, in memory of Dudley Gray
“I wanted to choose a piece that my artistic parents would have enjoyed in their home. This lovely one is so creatively rendered.” **
Memorial Award
“Sorry, Wrong Number
Shayla Fish (Terre Haute, IN)
Sponsored by Gary and Teresa Huxhold, in memory of Kyle Ryder Slinker
“This is just a joyful piece of fun!” **
Memorial Award
“Magical Sunset”
Sarah Laska (Terre Haute, IN)
Sponsored by Gary and Teresa Huxhold, in memory of Julia Wicks
“I love a beautiful sunset with all of the colors God has given us to enjoy.” **
*Comments given by the judge, Doctor Gerburg Garmann, while choosing the award
**Comments given by the sponsor(s) while choosing the award
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