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More award winners:

Best of Show: We Dreamed They Understood the Sacred
Artist: Pamela Deaton
Award of Excellence: Jonas Salk; Are We Good Ancestors?
Award of Distinction: This Nest Is Too Small
Artist: Warner Ball
Award of Distinction: Organelles into the Light
Artist: Susan Hansel

Award of Recognition: Beast No. 7
Artist: Karl Hauser

Award of Recognition: The Garden

Artist: Michelle Peterlin

Award of Merit: Bride
ArtistBilly Tackett
Award of Merit: Mineral Formation Study
Artist: Sydnee Strang

Award of Merit: The Catch
Artist: Nicole Trimble
Award of Merit: Wildwood
Artist: Eric Utterback

Mayor's Award: January Thaw
Artist: Curt Stanfield

Award of Tribute: Margy Resting
Artist: A. Margolis

In Memory of Rob O'Dell: Savanna Fog
Artist: Brian McCormick

In Memory of Mike Abney: Untitled
Artist: David Thornburg

Mike Abney Memorial Award: Rachel's Daughter
Artist: Michelle Peterlin

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